Online Craps Casino Games

Online Craps Casino Games

Craps is a game played with dice. In Craps, players place bets against the casino on the outcome of one roll or of a series of rolls. A game of Craps may seem quite intimidating for a beginner. This is mainly because the game table features approximately a hundred different bet types and the pace of play is typically rather fast. However, the game is not as scary as it looks for the first time you approach it. In fact, Craps is considered to be one of the most attractive casino games ever.

Much like some other gambling games, Craps is a very ancient game. Craps historians believe that it is a descendant of the Old English game called Hazard. It's been said that the game's origin could be traced back to the grand Crusades. While some claim that the game received its current name from the French, it is almost certain that it is of American origin. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing for sure who introduced Craps to America. What we do know is that it was in America where the game was simplified and became the Craps game we know and love today.

With the invention of the Internet, many Craps lovers switched to online Craps. Today, there are hundreds of online casinos offering their visitors Craps entertainment. Craps enthusiasts maintain that playing Craps over the Internet is as exciting and challenging as doing so in a traditional gaming venue.

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