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Casinos Accepting American Express (AmEx) 2021

American Express or the AmEx as the credit card is also known, is a credit card used all around the globe by customers that live either in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or South America. Actually, all continents are included, except cold continent of Antarctica. American Express offers a multinational support team, available by telephone during business hours, all days of the week and easy to reach via a local hotline. The customer is therefore never charged more than local fees for contacting American Express. The company also offers a great online service, on which the customer is able to log on and check the credits on the credit card and pay the AmEx credit card bill online.

AmEx has been a good choice for customers to use instead of cash since the beginning of what became known as the T&E (Travel & Entertainment) card industry. The simplicity of a credit card makes it more useful tool then cash, especially when you buy things online or deposit money into Paradise poker or ansportsbook account. American Express offers good extra value for their customers with the utilization of a bonus points reward system. The bonus points can be used for collecting rewards like presents, travels or cash back. American Express offers multiple cards for the customer to choose from, doing everything for the customer to obtain the perfect card for the customer's needs, the card varies in amount of credit and for what purpose the credit card can be used. When you use the reward points, the card holder can buy nearly anything; American Express offers a very wide selection of goods in the AmEx online shop found at

American Express puts great value in security to their customers and if an AmEx credit card holder loses the American Express card, AmEx promises to have a new card for the customer available in 24 hours. The promise is valid even if the consumer is in a foreign country; with the help of local embassies they do everything to help the customer in need.

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